Doing A Digital Detox


Doing A Digital Detox

Feeling panicked when you aren’t near your mobile, laptop, or iPad is a sign that you might have an unhealthy attachment to your devices, shall we dare say – a tech-addiction?

When online activities don’t serve your mental well-being anymore, it’s time to take a step back, switch off, and detox from social media, constant scrolling, and content overload.

Though it may sound weird at first, such a detox can actually make your natural glow stand out more!

This is due to the multitude of effects it has on your habitual life and stress levels, as well as perception of self and confidence.

Let us elaborate and tell you EXACTLY what we mean. Here’s what a digital detox might lead to…

Healthier Habits

Is the first thing you do in the morning, and before you go to bed, to grab your phone and scroll mindlessly through social media networks? Then you are trapped in one of the baddest habits ever.

When we maintain a healthy relationship with our devices, we’ll adopt better late night and early morning routines and habits; instead of scrolling, you’ll be able to do an early morning yoga class or meditation or even spend time with loved ones. Other habits that will improve when you detox from technology is that you’ll get a better night’s sleep. This is because the blue screen light from your device reduces melatonin production, a hormone that induces relaxation and deep sleep.

You’ll also have much better posture and won’t suffer from a sore thumb or ‘tech neck’ from long periods of bending over and scrolling through online content.

Comparisons Are A Thing Of The Past

One of the things that social media and a constant overload of images does, is that it creates inevitable comparisons – Comparisons of people’s looks, others’ lifestyles, others’ riches, others’ happiness, and others’ achievements.

Being bombarded with how ‘perfect’ everyone else’s lives seem online, will not only make you question your own reality, but also the way you live your life – a constant feeling of ‘I need more’ or ‘I want that’ will inevitably occur.
Surely it is almost impossible not to be envious of what an influencer has or to desire the attention that some online personas get, but it is exhausting trying to constantly please your audience by trying to be ‘perfect’.

When it comes to social media the saying, ‘don’t compare your insides to everyone else’s outsides’ is extremely applicable; in most cases, what you see in a carefully curated post, isn’t necessarily reality.

Better Mental Health

There have been numerous mental health studies that have proven that the internet is one of the main causes of depression and anxiety in the 21st century, because we are constantly comparing ourselves and have a desperate need for validation from ‘watchers’ online.

Some people see their phones as a ‘security blanket’ or a means of escape out of real-life situations unfortunately, this reinforces anxious responses and unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Being on your device for long periods of time might have an effect on your sleeping patterns, your eating habits, and physical movement; all of which are extremely hazardous to your mental state. Too much screen time has a negative physical effect on your brain function and therefore, when you regularly detox from it, you’ll be able to maintain a much healthier brain function and mental well-being.

Putting Things into Perspective

What would you do if your phone disappeared overnight? Or if the global internet and Wi-Fi system completely shut down? Would you be able to function at all?

Put the role that technology plays in your life into perspective by partaking in a conscious break from your devices – your phone should never be in charge of you, you should be in charge of your phone.

If you are prone to spend hours on end scrolling through your phone – switch off for a short period, take a breath, see the world around you, and start reaping the benefits!

Get sunshine and not screenshine and you’ll see yourself blossom in little to no time!

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