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Importance of Recycling Computers, Batteries and Mobiles

These days, given the tremendous amount of waste that is generated every single day, more emphasis is given towards recycling.

Organisations and even governments all around the world are calling for the efficient implementation of recycling measures especially since research has shown that the earth’s natural resources are fast depleting because of the continuous presence of toxic and unreusable items.

Some of these items include computers, batteries and mobile phones, which have become staples in almost every home and office. Can’t you just imagine the millions of tons of waste if these pieces of equipment are simply allowed to rot.

Hence, everyone is encouraged to learn the importance of recycling computers and batteries and mobile phones.

Computers, for one, have tiny, bio-accumulative compound particles that could pose harm not only to animals and to bodies of water, but to humans as well.

Batteries, on the other hand, contain cadmium, lead and mercury. If batteries are carelessly thrown out, they can end up in incinerators and landfills. The earth’s surface may seep the toxic ingredients of batteries and this may lead to soil and water contamination.

Meanwhile, mobile phones have become indispensable gadgets. In fact, the number of mobile phone subscribers is anticipated to grow by the billions every year. However, while some consumers store old phones and look for outlets where they can have their phone recycled, many include these old ones in their household waste, prompting highly poisonous elements such as mercury and lead found in each phone unit to be released.

It is important to keep these elements away from landfills so as to maintain the health of the soil and of the animals that depend on the earth for food.

There are many resources available to help recycle computers, batteries and mobile phones. For one, there are organisations that take in these old items via drop off centres or home pick-up schemes. These organisations either refurbish the items and donate them to financially hard-up communities or forward them to a recycling facility for proper disposal.

You can also contact the manufacturers of these items and ask if they have a recycling program. Companies that have recycling programs even offer free pick up of your old computers, batteries and phones so please don’t just throw them in the bin!

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